Uganda UK Health Alliance Presents

3rd UK-East Africa Health Improvement and Investment Summit

Thu 22 Mar 15:31 PM - Fri 23 Mar 15:31 PM @ Imperial Royale Hotel


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As Countries in the global south continue to receive support from the North, the effects of globalization have further led to Mutual North-South partnerships in areas of business and co-development.

To harness these partnerships, the British government maintains a close relationship with countries through bilateral partnerships and the common wealth.

The UK has therefore become a close partner in development and has fostered growth in many sectors across the region particularly the health sector.

This has seen the British Government support Public health, research, Access to care and British companies are investing in the health sectors across the region.

To further strengthen these ties in the health sector, the East African Diaspora in the UK have been organizing Investment Summits to Promote Investment and to foster improvement in Health across the region. The Summits have as a result provided opportunities for Mainstream and Impact Investors in the UK to invest and share learning to improving the health sectors in the E.A Countries.

For Purposes of more Interaction with and from the region, the 3rd UK-East Africa Health Improvement and Investment Summit Shall be held in Kampala, Uganda and thereafter on a rotational basis in other East African member states.

3rd UK-East Africa Health Improvement and Investment Summit

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